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Are You Keeping Yourself from Getting Rich?

Are You Keeping Yourself from Getting Rich?

I believe people are a product of their environment, and that the most successful investors embody five key ‘traits’ for lack of a better term.

So here they are…the five traits I believe will help boost your profits and keep the bears at bay.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
Every investor falls into a comfort zone sooner or later, whether it’s because they ‘know’ theirinvestments or become overly familiar with certain methodologies. Sometimes this works for them, but the majority of the time it works against them for one simple reason…the markets change over time.

Really successful investors will deliberately go outside their comfort zones. They’re the ones who have stacks of magazines and books all over their homes. They read voraciously and make it a point to engage others around them in a never-ending process to learn more about the world.

Dr. Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, is perhaps the ultimate example of what I am talking about. Overseeing research in 18 global emerging markets offices, he’s always on the go and commands an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the investing landscape.

He revels in change because it’s synonymous with opportunity. [Read more →]

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The 12 Most Important Rules Every Investor Must Know.

The more I see, the less I know for sure.’ – John Lennon

When you’re younger, your limited life experiences tend to cloud your judgement. At eighteen you know everything (at least if you’re male).

The more you experience life, the more you realize how little you actually know. And that which you think you know, may not even be correct.

Twenty-six years in financial planning has taught me a lot. None of it came from textbooks. No amount of theory can replace experience.

Just when you think you know about markets, along comes a surprise.

Allow me to share with you what my experiences have taught me and what I think I know about theinvestment business… [Read more →]

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The Single Biggest Mistake A Technology Investor Can Make.

Technology helps the world advance. As humans it’s in our nature to investigate, innovate and solve problems.

This curiosity means we make things, create things and develop new technologies.

You can look back thousands of years for basic examples of technology pushing civilisation forward.

Stone Age: it might sound simple, but the development of stone and bone blades and tools was vital to the development of mankind. The earliest example of innovation and technology is a shovel that was fashioned from the shoulder blade of an Ox.

Iron Age: in the Iron Age, iron smelting was all the rage. It helped make better, more efficient tools. This helped construction, agriculture and civilisation continue to advance.

Industrial Revolution: the industrial revolution sparked a wave of new technology. Manufacturing went from being hand produced to machinery made. New efficiencies and tools helped to bring an era of unprecedented wealth.

Of course I’ve skipped a few different ages. Importantly though you can find examples in the Bronze Age, the Atomic Age and the Information Age too. [Read more →]

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Small Profits are Better Than No Profits At All.

Once you have learned to know the traps and pitfalls of trading in the stock market, (Usually by bitter experience) you can then more readily avoid them.

Making small mistakes are par for the course when you first begin to trade. It is quite easy to enter the incorrect stock symbol or wrongly set a buy level price too high.But these are excusable.

The traders main concern is to avoid making the mistakes that are due to bad judgment rather than just basic errors. These are the “lethal” mistakes which can ruin a traders trading career.To make sure that these pitfalls don’t occur, you will have to watch yourself very closely and stay alert.

Greed is a visible but serious mistake which most traders make some time or other in their trading career. No one is immune. [Read more →]

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How to Stop Getting Your Fingers Burnt While Trading.

There are Four basic stages that a stock will go through at some time other in their trading history. It would be very prudent to recognise what these four stages entail as it could quite possibly save you from getting your fingers severely burnt and having a negative impact on your wallet.

Stage One.

This is the stage right after a stock has been experiencing a prolonged down trend. The stock which had previously been heading downwards begins to level off and now has begun starting to trade sideways forming a base a resistance line. What is now happening is that the sellers who once had the whip hand are now beginning to diminish because  buyers are beginning to get more numerous. Usually what happens now is that the stock just drifts happily sideways without indicating any clear trend either up or down. [Read more →]

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Along For the Ride, Just Like a Flea on a Dog’s Back.

In the share market I do not mind hitching a ride with strangers because I understand that I am not a partner in that business or company.

Thinking you are a “Partner” just because you own some shares in the company is one of the most “FATAL”  beliefs in the market.

Accept who you are and the role you play and that “Like that flea on the dog” you are just along for the ride.

This is not a time based strategy; it can be for one day, one week or a month or even longer. It all depends on the length of the ride and the trend of the stock as long as it is heading upwards and of course that’s the way you want to go.

As soon as the trend finishes or changes direction (goes downwards or sideways) then it is time to jump off.

You then wait till the trend restarts upwards or you can look for another ride elsewhere. [Read more →]

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Here’s the Real Reason Why Stock Market Prices Go Up.

Here’s the Real Reason Why Stock Market Prices Go Up

Over the past couple of weeks we’d heard stories about the queues forming at bullion dealers.

Our old pal, Diggers & Drillers editor, Dr Alex Cowie had heard first hand from bullion dealers in Melbourne and Sydney about lines forming out the door and down corridors.

Anyway, being a cynical soul, we thought we’d check the scene out ourselves.

Bearing in mind that the last time we turned up at a bullion dealer four months ago, you could swing three cats tied head to tail and still not hit anyone, we were surprised at what we saw…

When we got there just before lunch there were four people ahead of us in the queue. [Read more →]

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The Gold Meltdown – What Happened?

Adam Hewison who is Preseident of INOTV will be supplying free training videos on various topics for Asxnewbie. To view these FREE training videos  just click on the links provided. Enjoy.

The Gold Meltdown – What Happened?

In today’s Trade School video, we’re going to be looking into what caused the recent meltdown in gold prices. How could gold drop so precipitously in such a short time, given what’s going on in the world? Did it have anything to do with the ETF GLD or was a country forced to sell its precious metals to satisfy creditors?

I will share with you how you could have systematically made money in gold using our Trade Triangle technology, which has produced some very positive results over the years.

Since 1975, there have been 13 bear markets with an average drop around 14%. This would put gold below the $1,300 level, around $1,280.

In this short 4 minute video on gold, I will illustrate the importance of having a solid game plan and a market-proven approach. We will go through each trade in gold and share with you the results of using our Trade Triangle approach from the beginning of the year.

This approach is not for everyone, but we think you will agree that the results certainly speak for themselves.

For more information on the tools I use in this video click here.

Adam Hewison
Co-Creator, MarketClub

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Why Aristotle Still Matters to Traders and Investors.

Why Aristotle Still Matters to Traders and Investors

It is the task of Money Weekend this week to transport the philosophers Aristotle and Plato from the Greek agora of centuries past to today’s stock market. If this sounds like a turn off, stick with us, because your trading account might benefit.

But before we get to those two, there’s the small matter of the US Fed and the glitch in the bull run on the ASX.

Greed and Fear TradingStocks actually finished up for the month of February. In fact, the ASX / 200 broke through the 5,000 points mark for the first time since early 2010. And despite a few bumps, it’s managing to hold above that figure. But it is slightly down from the high it hit in the third week of February. You can’t have everything.

It could be thanks to the 2.3% drop in the market following the release of the January minutes from the US Federal Reserve. That spooked markets worldwide. The Fed reminded everyone that stocks look a lot riskier if the US central bank stops pumping money into the system.

Of course, it’s since been written off as an empty threat for now. Uncle Ben Bernanke says the Fed’s actions have helped markets and the economy. And stock markets worldwide recovered. But it was a good reminder of the old notion that there are two things that drive investors: greed and fear. And before the feelings of greed and fear turn up in stock prices, they show up as hormones in human beings. [Read more →]

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Revealed: Inside a Share Trader’s Den.

Revealed: Inside a Share Trader’s Den

I thought I’d spend today taking you through an actual share trade that I sent to my Slipstream Trader members last year. We’re still in the trade so I won’t reveal the actual stock code, but it won’t take a genius to work out which stock it is.

Therefore I have to add that this is not a recommendation to buy this particular stock right now. For me the opportunity to buy this stock with a very good risk/reward has passed. We have already taken part profit on the share trade and adjusted our stop losses so that none of our initial capital is at risk in this trade going forward.

Buying the stock now would be a completely different trade with a different set of risk and return characteristics. I want to point this out so you don’t mistake this article for a recommendation to buy the stock.

The purpose of this article is simply to give you some practical insight into how I go about selecting trades on the Australian share market[Read more →]

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