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I have had numerous requests for Philately (Stamp Collecting) And now for coin collecting as well.
Since it is a form of “Investment” I can find a place for this type of investment on this site.
As with all things in investment you need to start with the “Basics “first.So here we go.
History of Money
Main article: History [...]

Here is a different type of energy which is “Green and Clean.”
The principal involved is that you pump water down into the ground where there are hot rocks.This turns to high pressure steam which is pumped back up to turn turbines to produce cheap electrity.
Great idea if they can do it.
The New Zealanders have [...]

If you are a philatelist (stamp collector) it is reassuring to know that the stamp you bought for an investment. Is the genuine article and worth what you paid for it.
Next time you buy an expensive stamp you will be able to ask the dealer for a written guarantee that it [...]

I posted recently regarding the announcement of the change in the taxation laws pertaining to agriculture schemes.
Not surprising our politicians screamed like “stuck pigs” as they have obviously have interests in this area as well. So things have been delayed for a while.
Tax breaks on agricultural schemes extended for a year
THE Federal Government [...]

Here is some information on “OPALS” which is also an a popular area of investment.
If you want more information I have provided a Website for you in the “LINKS” SECTION.
Australian opal can be a sound long-term investment, with value appreciation climbing yearly. Few visitors to Australia return home without buying an [...]

There are two basic accounts the savings account and the term deposit or varieties of these.
Savings accounts have easy access to your money but very low interest is paid usually around the 2% mark but account keeping fees and ATM withdrawal fees means invariably your interest is in the cents region or nothing at all.
Term [...]

Here is another of several articles of “Paul Getty.” supplied by “Perdant of Topstocks.”
As I have mentioned before this site has invaluable information regarding the Share market, intelligent discussions and a great place for hints/tips about various stocks.
At the moment you can still get a” Free Pro Account” for a Month with no obligation to [...]

In E-Bay and other auction sites the list below gives you an idea what are the most popular items that buyers are looking for.
If you are a collector or a dealer in antiques this could be a handy list to have.
These are the 30 most requested online search terms for 2006.
1. Cookie jar - [...]

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