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Admiralty Resources (ASX:ADY) is an exploration and production company with diversified mineral interests in Australia, Chile and Argentina. The company is involved in four main projects of iron ore, nickel, cobalt, zinc, lead and lithium products.
Since April 2007, the stock has been trading in a long-term indecision chartist pattern. Indeed, the long-term price action is [...]

Traph has generously answered these important questions on researching companies.Traph is a professional trader who also contributes to Topstocks.He also has his own website which I recommend that you visit.:-
Topstocks are offering a “Free Pro” account for one month at no obligation to you whatsoever. You can get there by [...]

Today we have commenced a New Page titled ” Trading Seminars.”

Irregardless whether you are in Shares,Property Investment, CFD’s, Options,Forex trading, E-Minis or whatever else you are investing in then there is a Seminar somewhere that covers your passion.
Just click on the “Trading Seminars Page” for more information.

Hi My name is Jayne,
I have just signed up to Aussie Stock forums and found your website. You sure have a lot of great information there.
I am a real novice at this and really would like some tips on where to start . I have been interested in the share market for some [...]

John asked the question,”When would you use a stop loss?”
I always employ a stop loss whenever I buy a stock. I see it is a form of insurance.
But it has a twofold purpose as it stops you having a too great a loss and you can use it to lock in those profits by using [...]

Due to popular demand we have decided to add a New Category called “Question @ Answer.”
Previously all answers were e-mailed back to the original questioner.But after some deliberation we decided that it made more sense to post both question and answer so everyone can benefit.
Please Remember that we are not qualified to give investment [...]

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