If this “Brand Card” takes off it could turn BQT into a major security company overnight. I will be watching this company very closely in the near future.

ASX Company
Wednesday 28th October 2007

BQT has been appointed by MONOCO as sole distributor for marketing the `Brand Card System’ in the Australasia, Middle East and African territories.

BQT Solutions Limited (ASX:BQT) is proud to be part of the global rollout for the Brand Card System. MONOCO will be supplying production terminals to BQT in the first quarter of 2008 for demonstrating the Brand Card System to major retailers in the BQT territories.

The Brand Card System is the world’s first REAL-TIME payment system and identity system that does not disclose the personal information of the cardholder to eliminate identity theft and account fraud for card transactions in retail outlets.

The Brand Card is impersonal. No personal information is displayed on the card or recorded in the card ¬ no name, account number or signature and NO PIN is recorded in the card, and the Brand Card displays the face of the true cardholder every time the card is inserted in a Brand Card Terminal at a counter ¬ in the supermarket or at the airport.

BQT and MONOCO have converging interests in that MONOCO provides systems for financial services and BQT provides systems for security services. Each technology system involves the supply of security products ¬ terminals and smart cards and the marketing of security products is of mutual benefit to both companies. BQT and MONOCO have been negotiating over the past six months to develop the marketing strategy together. 2008 will see the commercialization of the Brand Card System developed by the MONOCO designers and engineers.

Both companies have agreed to collaborate in demonstrating and marketing the Brand Card System in the BQT territories.

The Brand Card System enables retailers to issue Brand Cards in retail outlets and accept Brand Cards at retail counters by selecting the Brand Card terminal for a range of payment card-types -

The main advantages in using an impersonal card at a point-of-sale are:

•Impersonal cards protect the privacy and security of the cardholder at any point-of-sale.

•Impersonal cards authenticate the true identity of the cardholder at any point-of-sale.

•Impersonal cards can only be used by the registered cardholder at the point-of-

•Impersonal cards conceal the face of the registered cardholder in the card memory.

•Impersonal cards do not contain personal details to prevent identity theft and account fraud.

•Impersonal cards are not linked to account holders and are useless for fraudsters to clone or steal.

•Impersonal cards are validated online at the server and therefore no PIN is recorded in the card memory.

Every Brand Card Terminal incorporates a sensor module (pin ¬ pad) which displays the numerals (0-9) within a restricted viewing angle and in a random order. Each numeral is only visible to the cardholder for entering a concealed user PIN at a retail counter for on-line matching at the Server Centre.

The First market to be targeted will be the leading Retailers

The Brand Card System is ideal for retailers. The elimination of identity theft and account fraud, gives the retail customer a great feeling of security with the benefit of lower interest charges.

One of the biggest costs a retailer has is the fee charged by credit card companies. The Retailer can process the transactions in house at a fraction of the fee currently paid. Large retailers could save hundreds of millions of dollars per annum. As the retailer has the relationship with the customer then it is easier for the retailer to change over to the Brand Card System.

John Genner.
Managing Director BQT Solutions Limited

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