Back On Deck.

That must have been the quickest weeks holiday I have ever experienced. I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading, walking on the beach avoiding the showers where possible.(It has been a wet week.) and trying to lose inches of my waistline with not too much success.

I did not go near a computer though the temptation was there when I passed an “internet-cafe” a couple of times. But I resisted.

The nightly news on television only gives you the daily ASX/DOW statistics, nothing at all on how the shares on my portfolio were performing.And I must admit to wondering as to what was happening with them.

So I had to wait till I arrived home just after lunch time today.

And to my surprise and chagrin the only change upwards was OXR which is sitting on $2.93. Everything else stayed about where it was. So I can’t retire filthy rich just yet.

There are a couple of updates to post, one for OXR and a couple on VPE and one for
“Alternative Investments” and one on “Trading Tools”

I shall do these tomorrow when I recover from being in “Holiday Mode.”

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