A Week Of Surprises Coming?

It has been a promising start to a “New Week” in the share market.

Firstly OXR finished today on a high of $3.06 an increase of 4%. This is not surprising because of the announcements that came out today (see today’s OXR’S posts.)

There has been some other news of interest which affects my portfolio in an indirect way.

Emirates Airlines who are based in Dubai,( United Arab Republic) have applied today to extend their market share by increasing the number of flights per day .
They currently have 6.8% share of the market with Quantas leading the field by 28.1% closely followed by Singapore Airlines at 11.3% market share .There was no mention of Virgin Blue’s share at all.

Interestingly two of my stocks BQT and NWT have both recently opened up offices in Dubai.

BQT is involved with the security of the new expansion of office complexes which are currently being built. Coincidentally one of Dubai’s top entrepreneurs recently invested $2 million in BQT’S shares.

NWT has commenced satellite communications in Dubai and have already established satellite communications networks in Iraq and other locations in the Middle East.

Another item of interest is Citigold Shares (CTO) are going to list on the Dubai Stock Exchange.(DIFX)

The Dubai time zone, being 6 hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time, means that the DIFX opens at 5:45pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. This effectively extends the trading day for Citigold’s shares

Citigold (CTO) Corporation Limited has received approval to list its shares on the Dubai International Financial Exchange (DIFX).

The Company will be the first company from the East Asia/Pacific region to list on this international standard stock exchange and the first Australian company to look at accessing the region’s pool of liquidity through a secondary stock exchange listing of our shares

The Company will also be the first gold company to list its ordinary shares.

It has only recently been made possible with the help of Computershare registry services group who have established a real time back office settlement link with DIFX. The shares that trade on the DIFX will be the same pool of shares that trade on the ASX.

The Company anticipates that the listing date and commencement of trading will be Monday 19 March 2007.

Obviously Dubai is a place worth keeping an eye on for future investments.

Other points of notice today were that India has now increased their economic growth to 9% for the year, only just trailing behind China. I wonder if India will surpass China in economic growth?
But I feel China still has a few surprises up it’s sleeve before the year is out.

Brazil’s economy is still growing as is Russia’s, though you don’t hear too much of them in the News.

I am always on the look out for areas of new investments and will keep you informed of any developments as they come to hand.

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