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A Nine-Step System for Picking Winning Exploration Stocks.

For the biggest winners over 2008-2012, buy the stocks which fit this profile:

1) Only invest in management with a successful track record. In most cases, it is more important to know the PEOPLE involved than the projects. The management team should have a high level of experience and a track record of exploration success.

2) Primarily invest in project generators. Invest in companies whose operating plan is to discover resource assets, maintain an ownership interest, and then turn those properties over to joint venture partners for development and production.

3) Only invest in companies that have multiple irons in the fire. The safest companies are usually those that have multiple projects in the works, preferably in multiple countries. That way you get exposure to major discoveries on many fronts.

4) Only invest in companies where management is invested ‘You want management working alongside your own interests. You want them to be shareholders, with their own money on the line, not just options grants.

5) only invest in companies that are financially sound ‘You want companies with sufficient working capital, low or no debt, and the ability to run a tight ship. What you want is STAYING POWER.

6) Only invest in companies with massive potential. There’s always the risk that a property won’t pan out. That’s why you invest in companies where every project could host a world-class discovery. You want your companies hunting elephants… in elephant country (MOX?).

7) Always buy early… and buy right. This is not about chasing momentum. You want to buy these stocks early, at a good price. Timing can mean the difference between a $10,000 and a $100,000 windfall.

8) Be wary of political risk. There are plentiful resources in countries with low political risk. Generally, you should avoid areas with the greatest political risk, and stick to exploration in countries like Mexico, the U.S., Argentina, China, Brazil, Australia, Canada, etc.

9) Only invest in companies with promotional skills. Experienced geologists who can find the deposits are mandatory. But you also want a company that can promote itself and has a plan to tell its story.

By following these simple criteria… and spreading your bets across multiple companies… you can be successful in this sector.

When you combine this strategy with a bull market of historical proportions, the odds of success are strongly in your favor!

We should see a continued bull market for resources for about another 14 years, certainly another 10 years. After the current Credit Crunch has been overwhelmed by Central Bank hyperinflation, gold and silver junior explorers in particular will shown enormous shareprice gains. Expect the bull market to resume mid-way through 2008.

Happy Trading/Investing.


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