A Day Of Surprises.

It certainly has been a day of surprises in one way and another.

Firstly one of my long termers NWT ( used to be called MUL) has finally been noticed by the sharemarket.

The turnover today was a huge 136.7 million shares. The share price went up by 33.3% to .011 cps.

This was trading at .006 a week or so ago. I was fortunate to get in at .005 cps previously.

I have said in past posts that I held this stock, and that I thought it held promise .
To see the complete picture, view today’s shareholder update on the ASX.You can then draw your own conclusions.

Also I happened to notice that 3 directors have been buying up stock big time in one of my other long termers VPE.

I also mentioned before they had just completed a share consolidation and the sp is now around 25 cps.

They have an extensive drilling programe in place and hit oil yesterday at “Donga 3″ and now will proceed to “Donga 4.” This is located in the surat/bowen basin in Qld.

They too have just released a shareholder update which is worth a read.

Other news was that Qantas ( affectionately called “Quaint arse” by the late Graham Kennedy)
has agreed to the takeover offer of $11.1 billion from Macquarie bank.

Macquarie have already shown that they are good at cutting costs to the bone and maximising profits.

I wonder if they are funding their own deal? They certainly have their fingers in few pies already.

The unions have been reassured that Qantas will stay in Australia.

I am curious as to what changes will be made once the deal goes through?

The competition Virgin Blue has just announced a forecast of a 40% increase in future profit and are about to expand their flights over to the USA which was a nice gravy train for Quantas.

This poses a few more questions for the future of Qantas.

A very thought provoking news item that I happened to notice, was that a very nice juicy amount has been given to the government to the tune of 4.3 billion dollars in taxes . This has come just from the mining sector alone, all due to the resources boom we are experiencing at the moment.

This does not take into account the petrol excise ,tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol or Gst. Plus of course personal income tax is not counted or stamp duty and capital gains. All have to be added in as well.

And I bet I missed a few other taxes as well.

Aren’t they raking it in?

I am not being cynical as taxes will always be with us,like flies. You can’t get away from them. They will always be around.

With an election around the corner I wonder what sweetners will be up on offer?

Tax cuts?

Hopefully I will be making so much money on my shares I won’t mind paying taxes.

What a loverly thought??

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