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One of the most difficult things I have had to deal with, and I am not alone here, is that I often get a PM asking for assistance with a chart.

That bit I do not mind - I would do the same - and actually I love doing it. Feel free to ask any time l:^))

It becomes difficult when someone also asks ” What should I buy?” or ” Should I sell?”

It is not only illegal for me or other unlicensed person to give such advice, it is unwise because you are asking someone else to control an investment decision for you.

One of my pet themes here is for new traders to GET YOUR OWN FINANCIAL EDUCATION before buying any shares.

To do otherwise is purely gambling - buying and hoping! When you buy, you need to be aware of under what circumstance and at what point you will be selling.

If you buy a stock, you need to be able to give sound reasons for the purchase, and understand how to manage the trade - and so much more I can not cover it in one post.

In fact, most of it has been covered before in Newbie or Indicators threads, not only by me but also by others who are inclined to be helpful.

Particularly now [when all the public can talk about is "get in to the stock market - people are making a killing"] you need to be very cautious.

The stock market has gone up so rapidly lately, that many experienced commentators and others who watch the markets and make their living from it, are warning that we could be nearing an exhaustion peak.

This is not a good time to be considering a first investment.

This is a time to wait and watch, and in the meantime begin your education seriously.

1) Do not listen to chat-site banter about a “hot” stock

2) Find out all you can about a company and its management before considering a stock.

3) Just because I or anyone else gives a stock a positive wrap is a poor reason to buy it.

4) Understand something of Fundamental Analysis (not difficult to check Earnings per Share and understand the meaning of Price: Earnings Ratio)

5) Understand something of Technical Analysis (Charting: Which way is the stock trending? What is Support and Resistance?)

6) Do not buy too many stocks - you can not manage a large portfolio. Better to have a few well-selected stocks only.

7) Understand what the All Ordinaries Index is, what stocks comprise the Index, and which sector of the Index is rising/falling at any time)

8) Allow TIME for your education - after all you have come this far without being invested in the market - what’s the rush?

Get rich slowly is the key to all investment. All the get-rich-quick schemes have been snapped up by the sharks - there are none left for us tiddlers!

We have to actually use our brains and be a bit shrewder than we thought!

Remember - if you have to ask for advice on a stock, you are not ready to buy. Your research should indicate to you that you SHOULD be in this stock, or SHOULD NOT be in it.

Take your time - so what if you miss a brilliant stock - there are brilliant stocks in the market every day.

Learn how to find them for yourself.

I am sure there are plenty of TopStockers who would be willing to help you get started on the road to educating yourself - books, courses, Internet sites, mentors, companies, traders groups, and even a good old phone hook-up or VOIP meeting - there is no limit, and no excuses.

Might I suggest:

Alan Hull’ s book - ” Active Investing - a Complete Answer”


Chris Tate’s book - ” The Art of Trading - A comlete guide to Trading the Australian Markets”

Both of these books should be mandatory reading for beginners - and I am sure other traders here can suggest excellent books that MUST be read to help you stop losing money in the markets.


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