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Money Weekend.

Today we greet you from Queensland. We are here for the Australia versus New Zealand rugby union match. It is a purely recreational visit so we don’t anticipate making any informative visits to one of Queensland’s coal mines while we are here.
Due to our lack of time this morning, here are some [...]

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I have deliberately highlighted a section of this informative article. It makes a lot of sense and it is well worth taking it down for future reference.
When commodity prices are tanking, no one wants to know about mines, grades or new discoveries.
Attention is on sliding share prices, falling prices for the [...]

At the same time the Melbourne Institute released its survey of consumer inflation expectations. It shows that consumers are feeling quite positive about the direction of inflation. The survey tells us consumers believe inflation will fall in September to 4.4%. We will wait to see how accurate this survey is. In the same survey 9.8% [...]

Yes, 2007-08 was a record year for mining and mining exports, but the sinking Australian dollar has thrown in a big spanner into prospects for 2009.
That 2008 outcome indicates we remain the lucky country, despite the slump in most metal and oil prices now.
If it hadn’t been for that great inflationary surge from March [...]

Price developments change very quickly on commodities markets these days. For instance, copper. In our last update, on August 15, we said, “the technical indicators are still bearish. The previous intermediary support (around 7,850) could be the immediate resistance for the current new rebound. Investors would then be tempted to test the long-term support [...]

The ASX 200 is up 47. That compares to Wall Street being up 164 and the 43 point rise predicted by the SFE Futures this morning – we were up as much as 70 points early on.
Bit quiet. Resources up 1.7% - BHP and RIO up about 2.0%.
Oz Minerals is up 3.5% after [...]

A list of companies to record an initial or increase in substantial shareholdings:
The Commonwealth Bank (CBA) have climbed on board the “Coal Seam Gas” wagon by buying into 44 million shares of Origin Energy. (ORG)
It would pay to keep a wary eye on this energy sector as things are about to really hot up.
* [...]

Australia’s Freddie & Fannie
Every morning we scan through the Australian Financial Review for any news items of interest. We don’t rely on it for Money Morning because what is written in today’s newspaper is news from yesterday. Our aim is to bring you today’s news today.
This morning we scanned it as usual. And as per [...]

Shares in Surfers Paradise-based property developer Raptis Group Ltd have been suspended after one of the group’s financiers appointed a receiver to “entities associated” with one of its major developments on the Gold Coast, the $700 million Southport Central project.
It’s more evidence of the property crunch hurting parts of Queensland with City Pacific [...]

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