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By John Edwards

Asian stocks, including Australia fell last week, sending the region’s benchmark index to its lowest in more than two years.
But Friday’s quick reversal of Thursday’s commodity price spike, led by oil, should steady markets in the region today, and Australia’s bounce on Friday off the back of the higher resource stocks, could [...]

The stock (ASX:RIO) is still backed by a long-term bullish trend started in early 2007. It has posted low prices during this month of August but found this long-term support and has been bouncing back for 6 days now.
Despite a false break generated by the plunging equity markets one year ago when the subprime crisis [...]

The market is up 101 following the lead in the US with Financials bouncing (Banks fell 6% last week) and Resources underperforming on the back of weaker metal prices.
Oil price down 5.7% on Friday and Woodside one of the few stocks not up today.
Gold price also fell $5 and the gold sector is [...]

The June 30 corporate reporting season peaks this week with some good results but also slashes of red ink.
Economically, interest rate discussion will also occupy headlines with the crucial Reserve Bank meeting just over a week away on September 2.
We also see more signs of the way June quarter economic growth went with construction [...]

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/>Wouldn’t it be nice if you can keep on purchasing more and more properties without being told by lenders that you can’t get more finance?
The reality is that the most common problem property investors’ face is that one day they will be told by lenders that they can’t have more finance, usually due to insufficient [...]

Pan Australian resources (ASX:PNA) is a growing mining exploration and development company that has assets in Laos and Thailand.
The stock has experienced a bullish trend starting in September 2006. The price at this time was $0.25. It peaked in last April when a high was posted at $1.25. It climbed by 400% in roughly 20 [...]

The market is up 39 – that compares to the Futures up 26 this morning on the back of a 12 point rise on Wall St.
All about Resources today – up 3%. Financials flat. Property down.
Metals rebounded strongly last night lifting nickel (up 8%), Zinc (up 7%), iron ore, copper and gold stocks. [...]

A further look at the report does highlight some of issues for smallish explorers that have already found its resource and is in production. It now has to either discover more resources at its existing sites, or it has to continue with its exploration activities at other sites, while continuing to ensure production meets expectations [...]

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