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Yet another earnings upgrade statement from Flight Centre.
They are becoming as regular, as well, clockwork and this one must be the 7th or 8th in the past year.
Flight Centre (FLT) is Australia’s biggest travel agency and it’s having a good time, mostly from people leaving the country, not coming here, or those travelling within our [...]

The June Quarterly Producer Price Index is in, reader. Producer inflation was lower than expected. That doesn’t mean prices have fallen, but that they grew at a slower rate. So here’s three cheers for making stuff.
Officially, producer prices rose 1.0% in the June quarter. Hmmm. Here’s 3.03 cheers for making stuff.
But it’s still a good [...]

How do rising interest rates affect the quality of property as an investment?
By Michelle Coleman
Ask The Experts Question of the Month: Subscriber J Wills asks..
“I am wondering if property investment continues to be a sound investment where interest rates get close to the capital growth rate? If I assume a capital growth rate of [...]

As expected, Qantas revealed its job and route cuts Friday and Virgin Blue hopped on the back of that news to delivery its second cut in services and costs.
Qantas shares closed steady on $3.30 after the well leaked cuts were revealed, while Virgin Blue shares rose a cent to 68c as speculative interest forced the [...]

Apart from the June quarter consumer price figures, Australian business and investment will again be dominated by events overseas and the local reaction to them.
Resource stocks are on the slide as commodity prices continue to tumble, as they did again Friday.
BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and other shares were weaker here and in London on Friday [...]

A more modest, less than 1% recovery yesterday for our market after Wall Street’s exuberant jump tells us that we in Australia are a bit more circumspect about the outlook.
US investors seem desperate in comparison to pile into shares: the battered banks and financial stocks had their biggest rebound in 17 years and yet no [...] is an online property investment resource, designed to empower the property investor. We have access to superior information on development projects at a very early stage of construction and can provide access to accurate, in-depth information on property developments Australia-wide.

Mr Muzz of “Topstocks” just placed this interesting post.
Here’s the latest wise advice about IMP from “The Speculator” - David Hazelhurst from 9MSN.
NOTE how David has double his holding of IMP in the recent false drop in SP due to drongo Margin Loan seller, as i was advising in the top of this tread.
David H [...]

For those of you who follow “My Portfolio” I purchased more IMP on the 10th July.This article was published today on “Topstocks.”
This article was contributed by “ Mr.Muzz” a new contributor from“Topstocks.
Topstocks are still offering a “Free Pro “account for one month with no strings attached. 25,000 Plus members can’t be wrong. So do yourself [...]

Oil prices are up some 35% so far this year, give or take a percentage point or five as the price bounces around.
Up till yesterday Woodside Petroleum shares were up around 16%-17%, depending on the oil price, in a market off around 23%.
In many respects Woodside was a good example of the way some oil [...]

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