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The steamed dumplings we made for dinner last night were excellent, reader.
Of course, the downside was that our housemate ate half. That left us with half the dumplings, twice the dishes, and a confused look on our face. That’s a terrible return. How can something so delicious be such a poor investment?
There’s only one story [...]

WES’s Gas Losses.

Wesfarmers has joined the list of victims of Western Australia’s gas supply crisis.
The company told the ASX yesterday that the cost could be $20 million a month off pre-tax earnings for as long as the supply problems last.
The news saw investors give the company a touch up and sold off the shares by around 3.5%, [...]

A list of companies to record an initial or increase in substantial shareholdings:
You just never know there could be a tip for you in this list.
Remember all these big companies are buying in because they think that company is going to go upwards.They are all looking for a profit not just buying for the fun [...]

By Lee Dittmer
Ask The Experts - Question of the Month:
Subscriber Janice D asks, “should I fix my loan or do you think we are almost at the top of the interest rate rises? Also my mortgage has gone up over $600 a month with all the rises lately yet when I asked about putting the [...]

The US Fed left rates at 2% last night, reader. Has this made jaws drop around the globe? We doubt it. But you can never be sure. We quickly grabbed at the area below our front teeth to check. Our jaw was definitely still there.
After wiping away the blood from our split lip, we read [...]

More For Origin.

Despite a small fall yesterday, the markets continues to expect a higher offer for Origin Energy, either from its suitor, BG Group of Britain, or an as yet an unrevealed third party.
Origin shares eased 16c to $16.26 compared to the BG hostile offer of $15.50. Origin (ORG) shares traded through the range $16.27 to $16.49.
Certainly [...]


I found this little gem on Topstocks and it applies to today just as much as it did back in 1917
Topstocks are still offering a “Free Pro” account for one month at no obligation to you whatsoever. You can get there by clicking on the link provided on the right hand side of this page.
I [...]

By Robert Dugan
In the current climate of ‘doom and gloom’ it’s easy to fall under the spell of the mainstream media and the ‘end of the world’ stories. There’s no denying that in the US it’s time for certain sectors of the market to accept that major changes are coming their way.
There will be a [...]

And then there was no deal at all.
A week after CBH Resources revealed plans to cut $100 million dollars in costs and more than 230 jobs from its mining businesses and head office ahead of the proposed merger with Perilya Ltd, the deal is off, despite an attempt last Thursday by CBH to put an [...]

A list of companies to record an initial or increase in substantial shareholdings:
You just never know you might find a tip or two in this list of buyers.
* Mungala Investments Pty Ltd became a substantial holder in
Regal Resources Ltd on June 20 with 14 million shares (8.7pc).
* BT Investment Management became a substantial holder in
Australian [...]

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