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The Start-Up Trader - All Your Ducks in a Row
To trade profitably, it is essential that you focus on the basics. This month, Louise Bedford has a look at what you need to establish before you start trading.
There’s always an excuse that you can cook up that will prevent you from putting on [...]

Shares in WA civil construction company, Brierty Ltd (BYL) were battered yesterday after it revealed an earnings downgrade only five weeks or so after a previous forecast.
The shares fell more than 44%, to 26c, a sizable fall on the day of 20c, and about 90% down from its high of $1.855 reached just after it [...]

Imperial Oil has made a good investment in Bemax. (BMX) Read PDF file for more information.

This article was contributed by “Traph.” a well respected contributor to “Topstocks.
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Traph also has his own website.Your on line source for Stock [...]

The Reserve Bank has called for greater transparency and disclosure in stock lending and is working with the ASX to fix problems in the exchange’s settlement procedures that were exposed by the failure by margin broker, Tricom to settle in late January.
The central bank has strongly suggested that lent stock should be disclosed on all [...]

By Tim Riley.
We are living in strange times when it comes to finance. In the last 6 months Australian borrowers have been hit with banks and non-bank lenders raising their interest rates independently of the Reserve Bank, have found it harder to obtain finance because of ever changing credit assessment guidelines, and have found it [...]

T3 Day Approaches.

Only four days to T3 Day.
I know all 320,000 T3 investors are counting down the sleeps.
It’s only $1.60 a share and Telstra big shares closed at $4.80 last Friday, down 2 cents and the partly paids ended at $4.81.
By this Thursday, May 29 about 320,000 investors in the T3 sale will have to stump up [...]

DIARY: Oil Again.

Oil prices will again take centre stage here and overseas this week, and the merger details for the Westpac-St George union will be released, sparking speculation that there might be a party pooper such as the NAB.
And while the speculation about banking is battling market unease about banks coming from the US once again, oil [...]

The New Zealand Government has broken the mould, whipped out some tax cuts (following the Australian model at long last) and gone for the doctor to try and get re-elected at the national election later this year.
As a result the Government will run a deficit for the first time since 2000.
The 2009 NZ budget, announced [...]

You could call this snippet my whinge (Moan) for the week.
On this Friday, gasoline prices hit a nationwide average of nearly $3.88 a gallon. The average price of diesel reached $4.65 a gallon. A sign at a gas station in La Jolla, California.(REUTER NEWS.)
They just don’t know when they are well off! According to my [...]

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