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By Bill Zheng
One of the main reasons to invest is to have a passive income that is large enough to one day provide the life style of our choice. So cash flow is a major consideration for most property investors in Australia. In this article we will examine a few aspects of cash flow [...]

Here is Victoria Petroleum’s Corporate Presentation which will be presented on May 1st.It outlines exactly where VPE are heading and their plans for the future.
Read the pdf below for full comprehensive information.

IMP are busily plodding along expanding their existing gas fields.
Read the PDF below for full information.

Spotless Group half a billion dollar hostile bid for rival services provider, Programmed Maintenance Services continues to grind on, but with the bidder’s statement sent to target shareholders over the long weekend, there’s going to be some stepped up activity.
Programmed directors have until May 8 to send its shareholders their reasons for rejecting the offer: [...]

Here is the latest quarterly report on how VPE are progressing.Open the PDFfile for more information.


Money is vital at all times, not just now when its cost and availability are both a bit difficult to work out, and at a premium when you can find some.
But three companies of differing sizes yesterday reported success in raising cash, one way or another.
Trading in Wesfarmers shares resumed yesterday after the company finished [...]

Oxiana (OXR) has received final approval from Indonesia.S o all systems are now go.Read PDF for full details.

By Michael Yardney
While real estate agents will tell you the most important factor in choosing a good property is “location, location, location” this isn’t really true. There is a lot more to finding a good investment property.
Imagine we were back in 2003, the peak of a real estate boom, the Australian economy was performing well [...]

Daily Diary.

DIARY: Fed & Figures.
Once again it’s the economy and statistics that will dominate events in the US and in Australia.
China’s market rebound late last week ran out of steam on Friday and if the slump resumes this week, there will be a lot of nervy people, despite all the confident sounding commentaries last week.
So what [...]

In the minutes of the April 1 meeting of the Reserve Bank the following was said about inflation and the March quarter’s Consumer Price Index.
“Members were informed that the CPI data for the March quarter, to be released towards the end of April, were likely to show inflation of around 4 per cent on a [...]

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