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One of the hottest topics you would find in the investment industry is about Market Timing. 90% of the effort from all experts has gone to predict what [...]

Diary: RBA To Meet.

Diary: RBA To Meet.
March 31st. 2008 - Australasian Investment Review – (AIR)

The focus for markets this week will be in Australia tomorrow with the monthly board meeting of the RBA; and in the US on Friday night (our time) with the March jobs figures and unemployment rate.
That is expected to show a third fall, with [...]

The Banks Are Fine.

The Banks Are Fine.
March 30th. 2008 - Australasian Investment Review – (AIR)
Not only are Australian banks weathering the international financial storm better than their peers in many offshore markets, but their basic financial strength hasn’t been hit so far.
That’s a message many investors have ignored, given their lemming like approach to the valuation of banks [...]

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Lower interest rates and tax rebate checks [...]

Japanese Exports Show Asia Still Booming.
March 29th. 2008 - Australasian Investment Review – (AIR)
Next Tuesday’s Tankan survey of Japanese business from the Bank of Japan is shaping up as an interest test of just how resilient the country’s corporate sector is, and if we can believe official data from the country’s various ministries and regulators.
Its [...]

Are VPE’s days numbered.

It definitely looks like Odin Energy (ODE) has designs on VPE’s future or should I say has more of an eye on the tenements in the Cooper Basin of which VPE has the largest holdings.The oilfields that VPE have are also worth considering as they are yet to be fully developed and bought into full [...]

Commodities Vs. Shares.

Commodities Vs. Shares.
March 28th. 2008 - Australasian Investment Review – (AIR)
The AMP’s Dr Shane Oliver, the group’s chief strategist, says a winning trade over the last few years and particularly since the sub-prime mortgage crisis really hit, has been to be overweight commodities and related trades such as resources shares and underweight financial shares, such [...]

Kupe Gas Project To Drill New Well.
March 28th. 2008 - Australasian Investment Review – (AIR)
Delevopers of New Zealand’s Kupe Gas Project said today they are set to undertake exploration drilling of the Momoho prospect, 6 kilometres south of the Kupe Gas Field and within the Kupe permit area.
In a statement to the media, Origin Energy [...]

Small Cap Monitor:

Leighton Secures 3 More Project Valued At $US300.
Leighton Asia, a subsidiary of Leighton Holdings, has secured three new projects worth $US300 million in Hong Kong and the Philippines.
In a joint venture with China State Construction Engineering, Leighton Asia was awarded a US$80 million contract for the construction of an aircraft maintenance hangar at the Hong [...]

There is a huge amount of historical data available on property these days. House prices, rent rates, interest rates, macroeconomic data, microeconomic data and other financial data that all could be relevant. So what data is relevant and what is not? What is the best way to find out where the hottest suburbs are?
At Residex [...]

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