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Stock Market Falters And Housing Takes Off!
By John Edwards

When I wrote this time last year, I was confident the housing market was on the move and [...]

Here is a comprehensive list of every company that pays a dividend.I stopped at anything lower than 5%.. Don’t forget to check for franking credits..
This is a current list but of course this will change as the share price of each stock varies.

DSF Deep Sea Fisheries Ltd 181.82%
CNP Centro Properties Group 62.88%
CER Centro Retail Group [...]

Weekly Diary.

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January 29th. 2008 - Australasian Investment Review – (AIR)

In Australia there’s little in the way of statistics to help us, although the National Australia Bank’s first report on business conditions for the year today should help [...]

This is one of the “Best” informative articles that I have come across in a long time.
Perdant is one of the long serving members of “TOPSTOCKS” I know that I rave on about this site but it has taught me a lot over a long period in time.
If this high calibre article doesn’t convince you [...]

This is the form that I use to record any expenses that occur while trading the stock market.You can adjust it to suit your own taxation circumstances.

A New Category Added.

I have just added a new category called “Fundamental Analysis.” I only just realised today that I did not have one for that important subject.
Does OOPS cover it ??

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The Search For The Sleeper,Illusive Picking.
Generally investors will scan the market looking for that next best investment, at the best possible price. Scanning the market is that method we [...]

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Wealth Creation using OZ market time scales and Bear markets.
Mates how [...]

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To All the current GOLD BUGS you should find [...]

Zinifex Lifts Output.

There has been a lot of speculation that Oxiana (OXR) (See My Portfolio.) has a beady eye on Zinifex with the view of a takeover bid. Whether this happens or not remains to be seen.
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