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VPE Finds Even More Oil.

This is the best news that I have had for VPE. I expect if the oil shows prove positive in commercial quantities, then this this new discovery will establish VPE as a solid oil producing company.Which will result in a upward trend for the share price. Which I must admit is not before time.
23 July [...]

What is a Lagging Indicator?
Economic indicators are events that give information about the economy as a whole. They are used to analyze economic behavior and predict how the economy will act in the near future.
There are three main types of economic indicator: coincident, leading, and lagging indicators.
A coincident indicator happens in tandem with [...]

This small but informative article was supplied by “Night stalker.” one of the regular posters on “Topstocks.I visit the site on a daily basis and have found the information to be of great benefit to me and this web site.
They are currently offering a “Free Pro”account for one month at no obligation to you whatsoever.
You [...]

I came across these statistics on Oxiana which gives you a comprehensive view on what they are up to now and in the future.
OXR is a gold, copper and zinc miner with cashflow from Sepon Copper and Sepon Gold in Laos and Golden Grove in WA. Exploration and development highlights include Prominent Hill in SA [...]

Call it boredom if you like but after 5 to 6 months of building up my “Blue Chips” portfolio I found things were getting a bit monotonous.Ok I admit I was getting a little bored. Not enough action. So I have decided to buy one speculative stock to play with.
After a week’s research [...]

Fibonacci Ratios and Retracements
They can be applied both to price and time, although it is more common to use them on prices.
The most common levels used in retracement analysis are 61.8%, 38% and 50%.
When a move starts to reverse the 3 price levels are calculated (and drawn using horizontal lines) using a movements low [...]

MACD is an acronym for Moving Average Convergence Divergence. It is a mathematical indicator used by some financial traders to predict future price movements of stocks, commodities and other financial instruments. MACD was originally developed by Gerald Appel.
The MACD is constructed from two EMAs, or exponential moving averages, derived from the historical price movement of [...]

Marant posted this article on “Topstocks” today. I got a good belly laugh from reading it.If you read between the lines there are a few lessons on what not to do when you are trading.
“Topstocks” are still offering a “Free Pro”account for one month at no obligation to you whatsoever.
I know that I keep on [...]

Offshore voluntary disclosure
The Tax Office is encouraging people to come forward and make disclosures of undisclosed income from offshore activities.
We are increasing our audit activities in cases where people may try to conceal income and assets offshore in tax havens.
Taxpayers who contact us before they are the subject of an audit and make a full [...]

This will give you an idea of what BQT are currently up too.
BQT Solutions recently exhibited at this year’s ASIAL Security Exhibition at Darling Harbour, Sydney.
The show was one of the most successful for the company with the release of the NEW WEB based SmaX Access Control management System. The SmaX system was received well [...]

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