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BQT’s miPASS Smart Card Technology secures China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC)
BQT Solutions Limited (ASX:BQT) is pleased to announce a recent order for BQT’s miPASS smart card technology for the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) in Beijing, China.
CSSC is a large conglomerate and state-authorised investment institution directly administered by the central government of China. It [...]

This article is typical of what you will find on “Topstocks.” Apart from hints, tips and worthwhile information there are a host of other facilities available, all to assist you towards your trading success.
They are still offering a “Free Pro”account for one month at no obligation to you whatsoever.
I know that I keep on [...]

Here is information on the speculative stock I am playing with at the moment.
Western Metals(WMT) is a Perth based exploration company with interests in Australia, Tanzania, theUSA and Peru.
The corporate strategy comprises a focus on generating a portfolio of high-quality, high value assets supported by a base of people, knowledge and networks. Projects in the [...]

Share Buy-Backs.

As a shareholder, you may have received an offer from a company to buy back some or all of your shares in the company. If you disposed of shares back to the company under a share buy-back arrangement, you may have made a capital gain or capital loss from that CGT event.
You compare the capital [...]

QTK Cash Positive.

ASX Announcement
25thJuly 2007
The Board of Directors of QuikTrak Networks Ltd is pleased to submit the Quarterly Cash Flow Report (appendix 4C) for the June 2007 Quarter.
Highlights of the June Quarter Cash Flow Report include:
90 percent increase in quarter end cash reserves to $2,034,874 [...]

BQT launches landmark $AU 200 million Satellite program
BQT Solutions Limited (ASX: BQT) is pleased announce the launching of its new satellite program that will provide (starting 2008) in excess of $AU 200 million in annual revenue once successfully implemented during 2007. The expected derived margin from this program will have a major impact on the [...]

Free Presidential Card.

So Where Now To For Markets?
July 23 2007 - Australasian Investment Review – (AIR)
Another week and another strong performance for the Australian dollar and Australian stocks, with world metal prices up on Friday.
The US market was sold off heavily on Friday on growing worries about the subprime mortgage crisis and the growing credit crunch. [...]

What is an Elliot Wave?
The Elliot Wave is a principle or tool used by investors trying to predict or time the market. Elliot Wave theory was developed in the 1930s by Ralph Nelson Elliot. Elliot Wave theory is based on the premise that the stock market is made up of a large group of [...]

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