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Oxiana Taking Control.

Oxiana(OXR) is in my long term portfolio and are ie the last stages of taking over Agincourt.
It has been a good takeover for OXR as it effectively almost doubles its gold reserves not to mention its other resources.
OXR will be paying a 5 cent a share dividend which closes this April 17th.All other details can [...]

This article come with the compliments of “Zurich.” which will give you some insight as to what is currently happenning in China and India.
Orient Express
While there’s no disputing China and India will be world powerhouses within the next 10 years, the challenge for Australian investors remains how best to gain exposure to these [...]

David Jones (DJS) is also one of my long term stocks and as you can see is traveling well at the moment, actually going from strength to strength.
Another factor is the David Jones’s credit card which is one of their future plans. This will play a big part in future profits.Especially if other retail organisations [...]

Expanding Their Horizons.

NewSat (NWT) is also one of my long term share prospects. Do not be fooled by the share price,(1 cent per share) If you do some research you might be in for a surprise as to what this company is up to.
Here below is a good example of how they are expanding here in Australia [...]

As you know QTK is one of my long term stocks. The share price is basically stationary at the moment.What will get it going upwards is when their current plans for China finally come in to fruition.
20 March 2007 Company Announcements Office The Australian Stock Exchange Limited

Here is an article of supplied by “SCASE”one of the regular contributors to “Topstocks” which explains “Compound Interest” very well.
As I have mentioned before “Topstocks” is a site which has invaluable information regarding the Share market, intelligent discussions and a great place for hints/tips about various stocks.
At the moment you can still get a” Free [...]

Here is some information on “OPALS” which is also an a popular area of investment.
If you want more information I have provided a Website for you in the “LINKS” SECTION.
Australian opal can be a sound long-term investment, with value appreciation climbing yearly. Few visitors to Australia return home without buying an [...]

Here is an update on Victoria Petroleum (VPE) One of my long term stocks. Share price not doing too much at the moment, but is expanding its oil discoveries none the less.
I Will just have to wait for the market to wake up as to VPE’S successes, and the only thing that does really concern [...]

There has been quite a bit of talk lately about “Sub Prime Lending” and no doubt you are wondering what it is all about?
Here is an article of supplied by “PLAT”one of the regular contributors to “Topstocks” which explains “Sub Prime Lending” quite nicely.
As I have mentioned before “Topstocks” is a site which has invaluable [...]

Feathering Your Own Nest.

While perusing some of my e-mails I happened to notice some news about three of our Asian neighbour’s. Coincidentally all three articles are about resources in one form or another.
Firstly Japan, who incidentally is still one of our biggest importers, has just announced a 5.5% increase in the fourth quarter. This has been at [...]

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