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The market continues upwards after a slow start and which way is it going tomorrow?
I haven’t a clue.
BQT and QTK went up slightly again today with BQT taking the lead. Every thing else marked time.
Incidentally Oil today dropped further downwards today to $53.00 per barrel. As usual there has been only a slight drop in [...]

It has been a odd day. Generally overall the market went down, resources reversed upwards again.
Two of my stocks both in the security field are going up neck a neck, albeit slowly but steadily. BQT and QTK are both sitting at 22 cps (cents per share).
Now BQT went up by 4.76% on turnover of [...]

The market has gone back further today as I mentioned not so long ago that it would do so. But I must admit that it has happened sooner than I expected.
Now all is not doom and gloom. For now is a good time to get in at some bargain prices.
Take Zagara Zinc ( KZL) for [...]

I came across another interesting article on investing.I found it very thought provoking. So have a read and see what you can get from it.
I promise you one thing it will improve your insight into the way you trade like you do.
Originally an article by Dr. Alexander Elder
A newcomer to the market [...]

The market closed down overall due mostly to the drop in metal/oil prices. Therefore the “Big” miners dragged everybody else down as well.
It has not affected my portfolio as much as it is fairly well diversified.
For instance AEX my uranium stock went up by a further 3.85% This is the highest it has been [...]

The market has been in one of it’s funny moods today, generally going downwards, mainly being dragged backwards by BHP and the like.
One good thing is that oil has gone down to $ 59.00 per barrel, I wonder how long it will take before the oil companies reduce petrol prices??
With regard to my [...]

Here is part three ,which completes the whole article.
It is recommended that you download (cut @ paste) the whole three parts as you can then take your time perusing and gleaning out the bits that help you the most. I hope this lengthy report has been of some help in your trading style.
Whenever I find [...]

Well tomorrow is the first day of a New Year in the Share market. And I wonder what treats are in store for me this year?
No doubt I shall make a few stuff ups along the way but hopefully not as many as last year.
I have decided to cut the speculative shares back to one [...]

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