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In future I will be showing the reasons why I bought a stock, plus also the reasons for selling. Also any information that is relevant to that particular stock.
This is not to be misconstrued as tipping.
I am not an expert by any means as I am continually learning myself on a daily basis.
My [...]

Here is another great article from “Perdant” a regular poster at “TOPSTOCKS”.
This is typical of the sort of information you get at this site. I highly recommend you try a “Free Pro” account. They are still available at the moment. and you can go and see for yourself by clicking on the “Topstocks” link [...]

Update On The “OX”

Here is an article pertaining to my new stock purchase “OXR” (See previous post)
It makes for interesting reading.
Oxiana announces bid for Agincourt
Monday January 29, 2007, 10:32 am
Metals miner Oxiana Ltd has made a friendly takeover bid for Agincourt Resources Ltd, valuing the target at $415 million.
The offer of 0.65 shares in Oxiana for each Agincourt [...]

Took a good long hard look at my portfolio today and decided to get rid of AEX (What’s the bet it will go upwards now?) and bought some OXR at $2.85 a share.
Great annoucements today, plus is in the process of taking over AGC a Gold producer (Agincourt Resources) which has been approved by AGC.
The [...]

The plot thickens! If you recall in the last post I mentioned about NWT and it’s mysterious partnership they were announcing but would not divulge who they were.
Curiosity got the better of me so I decided to “Snoop” around and this little gem turned up.
An announcement was made yesterday by “PowerTel” (asx code PWT) to [...]

Uranium Hotting Up.

There seems to be other stocks “Hotting Up” as well.
One of my long termers NWT (ASX Code) gave out a interesting and thought provoking announcement today.
They stated that they were commencing 5 new product launches to their existing satellite product range.These were to be activated in the next 90 days.
The intriguing part of [...]

A Basic Trading Plan in a Nutshell.
For those who are interested here is my “trading plan’, in a nutshell:-
1. Do your homework/research.
2. Know the amount you are investing in the stock. No more than 10% of your portfolio’s value.
3. Work out your profit margin. So you know how much you are going to make [...]

Victoria Petroleum (VPE) has finally commenced upwards. Over the last two days the share price has gone upwards by around 24% and is now sitting on 28 cps( cents per share.)
The main reason for this rise is due to an oil diccovery at it’s “Tomcat” prospect in the Cooper Basin. Which has yet [...]

Here is a great informative article on “How to take losses.” This comes with the kind permission of “Wintermule” a regular contributor to ” Topstocks”
This is chatroom/ information site I visit every day.
You can get there by clicking on “Topstocks” in Links on the right hand side of this page,where you will be offered a [...]

A new week is about to begin. And already I am champing at the bit ,raring to go.
The reason will be apparent as you go through part three of this article.
I thoroughly enjoy trading, plus I also enjoy having this website.
Also I love Finding out whatever helpful educational information that I can, for putting onto [...]

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