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Because of it’s size, I have divided it into three parts to make easier reading.
I guarantee that you will learn from this article, and if you put into practice what you learn,you’ll definately become a more successful trader.
The Path To Successful Trading.
By Charlie Wright
In the broad category of “trading the markets,” there are [...]

Another item on how to become a better share trader.
Perfectionism may help some people succeed in many other careers, but it can be fatal in trading
Ironically, it leads neither to higher performance nor greater happiness. Perfectionism can destroy your enjoyment of trading. Focusing on flaws and mistakes depletes energy.
This may escalate to panic-like [...]

Nothing overly special happened with my shares today after the Christmas break. But the New Year looks promising in more ways than one.
The first thing that I have done is to go over my portfolio thoroughly,more so than just my usual monthly stock checkups.
I have earmarked two stocks which haven’t come up to expectations as [...]

A Merry Christmas To All.

Firstly I wish all my regular and casual readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy Successful, Profitable New Year!
I have some “Big” ideas in the pipeline for the New Year, With the aim to assist you to make even more profitable share trades and to be more informed as to “How to do it” [...]

1. Trading is simple, but it’s not easy. If you want to stay in this business, leave “hope” at the door and stick to your stops.
2. When you get into a trade, start looking for signs right away that you are wrong. If you see them, then get [...]

Zinc and Other Metals.

Here is another excellent article contributed by “Perdant” of “Topstocks” This time on Zinc and other metals. Longish ,but worth the time to read.
• Pure zinc is a bluish-white, shiny metal.
• Zinc is resistant to corrosion.
• Zinc has a relatively low melting point.
• Zinc has never been found naturally in its pure form.
• Zinc can [...]

Flavour Of The Month.

After that article on “COPPER” that I posted yesterday. I thought it would be a good idea to post this article on “URANIUM” which is fast becoming the “Flavour of the Month”
4 December, 2006 Analyst : Warwick Grigor
Uranium is Still the Most Volatile Sector
Update taking into account price movements and company releases.
The Market [...]

Copper and Who Mines it.

I found this interesting article by “Perdant” who is a regular contributor to “TOPSTOCKS” a chat room/tips/information website where I go to on a daily basis.
I highly recommend you try a free account; the information alone is worth the effort.
You can get there by clicking on “Topstocks” on the top right hand side of [...]

Winding Down For Christmas.

I thought the sharemarket would be starting to wind down for Christmas. But that was not the case.
Today four directors have dived in and bought 12 million shares in BQT in a quiet market.
If you have read my recent posts you would have noticed that BQT has been rising over the last three weeks. [...]

A Day Of Surprises.

It certainly has been a day of surprises in one way and another.
Firstly one of my long termers NWT ( used to be called MUL) has finally been noticed by the sharemarket.
The turnover today was a huge 136.7 million shares. The share price went up by 33.3% to .011 cps.
This was trading at .006 [...]

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