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Uranium Coming To The Boil.

As I have mentioned before I have in my portfolio a Uranium stock called AEX.
Today the sp jumped up by 16.67% on turnover of 125,762,125 shares. I think other investors like it as well, as in all there were 651 trades for the day.
Points of interest.
1. A Director had purchased 1,000,000 shares on the 23rd [...]

Isn’t it amazing how things go better when you do the right actions accordingly to your “Written Down Trading Plan?”and stick to them.
I mentioned after I stuffed up badly, (see past post) that I purchased MLS at 3.9cents and planned to sell when the share price reached 5cents.
Because I had stuck to my trading plan, [...]

It has been an eventful week with a hard costly lesson learnt.(See previous post.)
I was tripped up by my old enemies, Fear and Greed. Which is what you get for being complacent and letting your guard down.
Rene Rivkin once qouted, ” Unless human behaviour changes (and it won’t) fear, greed and [...]

You have heard me say in the past how important it is to have a trading plan. To write it down and then to stick to it.
Well I have paid the penalty for not following it and getting impatient. Here is the scenario of what has happened.
On November 3rd I bought $2,000 [...]

It was a relatively quiet week (for me) on the stock market with share prices going up and down, sometimes with no reason and nothing realy happening.
So I took the opportunity to do some more study on the how the Stock Markets actually works and how it was being influenced.
I have come to the conclusion [...]

Mid Week Fun And Games

Monday and Tuesday were relatively quiet with not much going on. Not so today.
Remember BQT that jumped up by 34% last week for no reason that I could find? Even the ASX queried them about it as well. I quoted that I thought it was “insider trading.” Seems like I was right, as an announcement [...]

Ups And Downs

It has certainly been a week of ups and downs.
Firstly the Reserve Bank put up interest rates by another 1/4 % which will affect the already depressed property market and not to mention those who borrowed to the hilt for investment properties when the boom was on.
So it snowballs then. To recuperate any rise in [...]

Before I explain the title above, I shall bring you up to date. MEO up again today by 1.1% still heading upwards but hopefully will race away again soon as there was a good wrap up in the “Australian” today. And the general public are now aware of MEO which is invariably a plus [...]

It has been a up and down day today. My new stock MEO went up by 3.5% and the uranium stock (AEX) that I mentioned before went up by 15.79% today.
I will hang on to this a bit longer for a few reasons.
1.Definitely in an upwards trend at the moment.
2.Excellent turnover and good volatility [...]

Monday in general is usually quiet,( no guarantees) the new stock MEO finished at 43.5 which is still above what I paid for it .So it’s early days, we will have to wait and see.
AEX climbed up again gaining some lost ground but not good enough to sell as yet. As this is a [...]

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