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The week has started relatively quietly . A lull before the storm ( I hope). So I will take this opportunity to add another article to follow up on yesterday’s post.
GAP TRADING is usually done over a two day’s trading duration.
I am buying in at around mid-point of the first day’s trading. And selling [...]

Price gaps usually happen when the trading public realise (wake up) that a price shock has occurred.
A tip here “chasing gaps is a great way to throw away money.”
A gap occurs when todays open share price is higher than yesterday’s closing high This confirms a surge in buying activity.
And vice versa when the open is [...]

As my share portfolio is in limbo at the moment,in other words not doing much. I thought that I would do an article on some “Trading Tactics” that I employ which you might find useful.
1.OPPORTUNITY. There are dozens of these every day,unfortunately you can’t buy them all, so only pick the top 10 and [...]

APG dropped down today to .068. Fortunately my stop loss was set at .073 which was triggered.
 As  I bought them at .067 it means I made $15.00 after brokerage fees. The point of the exercise is the drop could have been more severe and I could quite easily have made a large loss if a [...]

An Oddball’s Week

The week has gone by and AUZ (after I made my profit for the second time this week) is still going upwards.
Turnover was a healthy 91.9 million. at a sp of .086 an increase of 17.8% on the day.  I bought in again start of trading and put my sell order in before I went to [...]

Full Steam Ahead

Lately because of commitments I have only had the mornings this week to look at the stockmarket.
 On checking again at around 10 pm I found AEX has gone up to 6.6 which is a 17.6% rise, and has gone in to a trading halt till this friday.
So obviously the report that I have been waiting for has arrived.I [...]

Quick Update.

It turned out to be  a busy day one way and another.
I sold MPO  at 4.9 and promptly bought into APG  at .067 by end of day trading it had gone up by 8.96% to reach 7.3 , on a turnover of 9.9 million.
 Don’t you love it when your stock picking criteria is spot on?
There are still [...]

Making Money.

If you saw Friday’s post you would have seen that I sold AUZ and bought MPO .
It was gratifying to see AUZ go onto 7.0 and finish at a high of 6.9 . an increase of 16.95% on a good turnover of 75.9 million shares.But I am still happy with what I made for only holding [...]

A Nice Finish To The Week

I actually got the timing just right when I sold AUZ. The high was at  6.2  very briefly and I sold at 6.1 which made a nice profit of 15 %  after allowing for brokerage.
 Not bad as I only held them for four days.
I have just purchased MPO at 4.3 on friday. My criteria for choosing  this  stock [...]

Having a Breather

AUZ has had a reasonable day overall, went up to .057  then droppped back later on briefly to .053 then rose back up to .055 and finished the day on .054.
My stop loss was set at .052, so it came close. I would have lost only $26.00 which is a nice small amount to lose.
Turnover [...]

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