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Another Week Gone By.

An average week with nothing really to crow about. 
 I am in profit with AEX but am waiting to hear about the assay results which are due out anytime soon.
One of my long termers VPE is creeping up slowly, but am not inerested in selling this one because of the future potential. If you do some [...]

A good start to the week as two of the stocks that I mentioned last week are trending upwards.
QTK is a bit slow, but as that one is a long termer, I expected that to happen.
 But with  AEX I thought with all the hype on “Uranium” this would go up quicker than it has.
Perhaps it is [...]

Another week is about to commence and I am as prepared as much as I can be.
My research is up to date.My next selection of shares have been chosen. Candlestick charts are up to date. Trend lines are put into place.  All homework done.
 All that remains is for the stockmarket to behave itself and do [...]

1. Assessing the risk :- The longer you are in the trade, (you own the stock) the more the chance increases of a reversal in the share price. If you are in for Long Term than this is not so an important factor.
2.Time factors. Are the stocks for short, long term or medium term? This is  crucial because it will [...]

You Just Never Know!
A real odd week, I caught a cold and my shares did as well.
Last week it was EGO and IMP that was going mad, this week not to much at all. It is now AEX’s and QTK’s turn.
AEX has gone up around 12% but will wait till the [...]

Started With a Bang Ended With Whimper.

What an unpredictable week that was. I made a few dollars, but not as much as I thought I was going to make
 The last two days were dead in the water; while the first three days were hectic it just goes to prove that you cannot predict what the [...]

Expect The Unexpected.

Always Expect The Unexpected. Up One Day, Down The Next.I fully expected the week to continue as it began. But true to form things never quite go according to plan
IMP stayed at the same price that I bought it and EGO did not go down to the sp that I wanted to buy back in [...]

Roller Coasters and Roundabouts.

Roller Coaster Rides and Roundabouts.
What a week! I haven’t had so much fun in ages.
If you have been following all of this weeks posts you will see that I have been having a ball.
Yesterday I sold EGO and bought IMP. Today I sold IMP because it went up by 11.76% and bought back into [...]

A Fishy Story.

Love These Topsy –Turvy Days!
What a day! Remember yesterdays post when I bought EGO @IMP?
Well today EGO went up by 16.67% on yesterdays purchase so I sold them. A nice handy little profit for owning them just for 24 hours.
And as for IMP they went down by a further 5% so I bought [...]

Because of prior committments I didn’t get to ” Fred” the Computer till nearly closing time on the stock exchange.
I had a quick look at my portfolio and nearly had a heart attack.Almost 70% of my stocks went backwards in share price, some by 8.5% and for no real reason that I can fathom out.Possibly [...]

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