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We Are Back At Long Last.

            WE ARE BACK AT LAST.

At long last” FRED” is back and is working as good as ever. I have experienced severe withdrawals over the last couple of days. Unable to check my stocks to see how many millions I had made. Unable to look at any e-mails. No nothing!  And guess what? Nothing has [...]

The Good Oil!

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Any of the information or content displayed on this Website is not intended to be or to be misconstrued as investment advice in any way shape or form given by the web site host. Also the host of this website is not connected to or employed by any investment company or organisation or ever has [...]

Softlee Softlee

Another day that started off with a ” bang” and died with a whimper.
Still nothing reached my profit level that I work too.[My trading plan,][ see " Getting Started " ][Look in"trading secrets"]. So no profit either.
You learn patience, because if I forget my plan, become impulsive and jump on the first thing that I fancy. [...]

Oh for a crystal ball!

Today the share market was very erratic and did not head in the direction that I expected.[Oh for a crystal ball.] Fortunately my stop loss [For information on "STOP LOSS" see article in "SHARE TIPS"] did not kick in as my two stocks I had to sell just stayed where they were and did nothing. [...]

A stop loss is a very useful tool which if used correctly can lock in your profits and minimise your losses.A stop loss is usually set just below your buying in price. (NOTE your stockbroker can tell if they provide this service.) The level you set the stop loss depends on what level of risk [...]


Nothing much today. A bit of research in preparation for tomorrows trading.Which if last weeks market is anything to go by promises to be fun and games.
Looked at a couple of likely prospects in the resources sector. [uranium miner plus oil/gas producer] both were speculative, but their ” TREND LINES” were both on a upward [...]

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